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    DRILLIUM Nuovo Record Derailleur

    nothing is lighter than a hole

    OMG y yo creía que lo había visto todo!

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    Paniagua Flanders t-shirt

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    Que linda flaca!

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    I think the Hell of the North thing has always been stuck in my head to a degree that it has become my nemesis. I have ended up starting it twice (I think) in my career. Both times I didn’t finish. So when I was asked by my team if I’d do Paris Roubaix at Milan San Remo three weeks ago I gave them a puzzled look, as if to say, ‘You’re joking right?’ They know me though, and reminded me it was my last year and Roubaix is such a monument of a race it would be silly not to.

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    Paris-Roubaix poster by Neil Stevens.

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    i still want these. Can more people write them and tell them to reissue them. 

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    Fresh off the press. Mudfoot Team Issue water bottles … #thirstyvibes