1. UNZEN Ride. #outsideisfree

  2. 100kmで3000mアップの雲仙ライド、最高でした!#outsideisfree #roadslikethese

  3. theathletic:

    Great photos from Battle at Barlow this weekend. 

    photos by Joel Sunderland 

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  7. artesempre:

    Today’s soul searching mission. When your mind won’t stop spinning, I revert to spinning wheels until the mind slows and the core facts reveal themselves like the tide pulling away. (at Bolinas Lagoon)

  8. chrispino:

    Saturdays race was MUDDY. 

    The fun level was high.

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  13. dirtdrops:

    This resto is one of Juli Furtado’s actual race bikes.  Found languishing in Bellingham, Washington, it was purchased at a Moab, UT cash only  arranged meeting.  Repaired by OG Yeti welder Chris Herting and reassembled with period Campy components, now it rests in the hands of Mike Wilk, former resident of this Yeti’s ancestral home, Durango.


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