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    Pipe of King Solomon

    This is an older design of mine, but I never got around to posting the final images. Now Is as good a time as any. 

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  2. New @breadwinnercycles #capsnothats arrival! I like it. #breadwinnercycles

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    #RoadsLikeThese by artscyclery http://ift.tt/1mxeL6s

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    Piet van Stuivenberg (1901-1988)

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    Espresso, Coffee break, Coffee peloton

    Cycling and coffee drinking are two pursuits that are inextricably linked. There’s something in the deep rich darkness of a well made espresso that sets the mind wandering to the dusty roads of Tuscany and the mountain finishes of the Grand Tours.

    My work is created in a swift series of brush strokes using the colour of coffee allied with the form of the cup to depict the kinetic energy of the peloton.

    Eliza Southwood is an artist and illustrator who creates custom-produced works of art inspired by the professional cycling peloton using the finest dark-roasted coffee beans.

    Each individual piece, painted on high-quality 250gsm ivory paper is signed and dated by the artist.

    Artwork can be purchased framed or unframed

  9. shakib:

    Le maillot jaune

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  10. cadenced:

    Cyclists ride during the 165 km fourth and last stage of the Arctic Race of Norway between Tromso and Tromso in Norway. The Jonathan Nackstrand photo comes from Time’s Pictures of the Week.

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    from veloculture blog

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    Gruber, nailing it. via cyclingtips

    ~ The Deep Section

  14. #workbenchracing

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    Strade Bianche 2014 (by francescob82)

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